Fashion Styles

Long ago, fashion has been a part of customs. People lean to follow the latest and attractive style trend in order to mix with society. Sometimes times population are estimated from their vogue taste and techniques. Modern prime are totally depend on rage. Without convention and new mode our lives have been tasteless. We have adopted trends and latest thing in each and every step of our life. A living person can’t live on same relish, just like no one can eat same food every day. Human being can not disburse their life on traditional rage. Everyone wants to colorful and interesting life. We should delight to nature of beautiful colors. Fad and youngsters are now participating in fashion industry. It covers all possible craze of any aged of person in an elegant attraction. In collages and schools we can see that any opulent and rich students want to look perfect, they change their style as early as possible. Nowadays people are watching television and trying to observe and coping to their artist. It plays a vital role in our life. It built up human personality and expands our confidence level. No doubt it makes our life beautiful smart and attractive on the other side there are one major drawback of this industry because some time we avoid needy people’s and get more and more irritation from beggars and poor people. Especially youngsters and children also are spending more time for getting new things instead of buying any knowledgeable book. According to living style and culture of persons our society has divided in different parts first is upper class second is middle class and third one is lower class. In short we can say that morality has lost day to day and is not good for us.

Girls Fashion Style
In every stage people like stylish and attractive things. Usually girls want to look always chick and classy. They just focus on their dressing sense. Hairstyle, footwear, make-up, way of talking, way of walking, and her behavior. Some girls are wear salwar kameez and another are wear jeans and funky tops according to taste or choice. In parties and functions girls are taking so much tension about her dresses. They wear saarees and gown in any kind of occasion. They made her hairstyle according to dress and heals. Short girls are preferred to wear high heels and long girls are wear flat shoes. Every girl has automatically or we can say that god gifted things like her way of talking; walking and gesture are so beautiful. So that’s why girls are attracted to fashionable and stylish things. They are crazy about shopping and buying diversions of dresses and accessories through online as well as offline also.
Boys Fashion Style
Boys are mostly insane about brands and fashionable clothes according to weather. They acquire vogue in movies and television. They follow his way of talking and walking, behavior and gestures are like any film action. Normally they want to wear jeans and shirts. In occasionally they wear stylish kurta, coat, jacket and blazer etc. Their way of hairstyle, shoes, accessories like a hero. Men’s clothing got tighter day by day and clothes became very well known in everywhere because of fabric of their shirts. They are also doing shopping online with the help of internet on media market.
Role Of Online shopping in Fashion Styles
Internet and developers of the companies are played essential role in online shopping and fashion industry. They are made diversion of sites and it’s very helpful for us. Those sites are providing us all types of information regarding the product. There are large numbers of sites in all over the world and through that plot we can do shopping online at anywhere. Every site have different quality like there are firstly mentioned in name and types of the product, categories like men and women, then it will come on price of the product, fabric, colors etc. So we can easily visit on any online shopping plot and replace order according to our need and requirements at our home also. We don’t need to go anywhere just we need internet or network on PC and credit card in our pocket.
Moreover, if we are thinking or imagine about fashion first thing automatically comes in our mind and that is women collections, because as we know very well women are crazier about shopping and fashion rather than boys. We can see lots of women collection like Punjabi suits, Lehenga, Churidar suits, Jeans and tops, Saree and Gown etc in market as well as on internet also. Mostly urban living Women prefer Gown to wear in parties. It is long and floor touch dress and usually girls wear on night parties and nay corporate functions. It mainly made of luxurious fabrics like chiffon, velvet, satin, silk and so on.
Mostly people prefer fashion styles according to their culture such as In Punjab, Men’s wear Kurta Pajama & Women’s wear Punjabi Suits. In Rajasthan, Both wear Rajasthani Dress. Wearing Styles mostly affected by society culture.
In crux, Life has become very busy and fast people want to do all work with the help of internet because it’s much easier or time consuming for human beings. Fashion and live with style are first choice of today’s generation. So we can go through of this thing and understand the facts about vogue industry its importance in our life etc. If anyone want to do online shopping on internet so he or she can visit on Wahfashion site because there are so many collection and good quality of product and can replace order at any time to anywhere.

About Upcoming Movie Sultan

Sultan is Bollywood upcoming under the production of Yash Raj Films. It is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and produced by Aditiya Chopera. It’s a kind of sports drama movie. The director make movie with famous film star Salman Khan who plays the role of Sultan Ali khan who is small town wrestler and his supporting actress Anushka Sharma.

Sultan Ali Khan is wrestler which lives in small village of Haryana. He is professional wrestler played from India team and winner in Commonwealth games 2010. After 2010 he wins FILA Wrestling World Championships in Istanbul in 2011 and Winner in London Olympics 2012. Khan faces many problems in his life for reach to professional platform and now he is star in Olympics and has name in the list of World Wrestlers. He is Gold Medalist in Olympics, During Olympics he meet to his life partner and marry with her named Aarfa. She is also Professional Wrestler. Because of his professional problems he stops his game for some time but after getting perfect trainer, he starts games again.

Sultan  project was announced in June 2015. After Project started various star casts changes their roles. After many times new stars comes on the place of leaving star casts. Farah khan is choreographer in these hd movies.

Randeep Hooda takes the role of Wrestler trainer of sultan in the movie. Amit Sadh will play the role of young sultan in the movie. Salman Khan takes the training of wrestling from Larnell Stovall. Tyron Woodley who is MMA Fighter will play the role opposite wrestler in the film. Anushka Sharma also play role of wrestler fighter and take lead role opposite to Khan.

Director of Sultan Movie

Movie is directed by Youngster director Ali Abbas Zafar. Ali Abbas Zafar is an Indian director also play act of film director, Writer, singer & art director. Zafar born & grew in Dehradun, and got study from Marshall School Dehradun. For Master study he come to Delhi and joins Kirori Mal Collage. While Master study he joined “Amu Movie” for part time work .Zafar make debut film with Yash Raj Films, he worked as assistant director in this movie. He is famous in film industry by direction in Movie “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” in 2011.In Mere brother Ki Dulhan he features Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif & Ali Zafar as Lead Role. After it he directed movie “Gunday” in 2014. The film features Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor in lead roles with Priyanka Chopera and now making direction in ‘Sultan’ sky movies.

This Film features Salman Khan as Lead roles and Anuskha khan plays supporting role to him.

Sultan Teaser

Movies official Trailer launched on YouTube by filmmakers which shows the theme and guess work about the movie story. Movie is mixture of drama, love & fighting. In the trailer we can see Salman khan makes himself perfect for take role of wrestler. He makes body muscles, Fitness of body etc. Movie trailer started with message wrestling is not a sport; it’s about fighting what lies within “Sultan”. Trailer has small scene of Semi Final match of wrestling championship. There is song named as Mithi Tera Khoon in the trailer. According to trailer, after winning his first match, he sees his life partner and meets her. Movie has emotional scenes also. Opposite Fighter named Tyron Woodley is perfect wrestler in mixed martial arts.

Sultan review

The review of trailer shows the blessings of million people. Millions people follows the trailer video and shows positive reviews. All are waiting for Bollywood superstar new film “Sultan”.

Official Poster


Filmmaker now launched official poster of movie. Poster shows the Khan in the wrestling dress and is fully in soil. In poster Khan has aggressive look & ready for fight.

Released Date

The movie will release on first week of July dated July 6, 2016.

Salman Khan Review on Sultan Movie

Salman Khan said in interview that he is more excited about upcoming movie Sultan. He plays different role in this movie of great boxer. He learns much difficulty which the Ali khan suffers in the small village. He makes muscles for making look of wrestler and take training from professionals about wrestling tricks. He wants movie should show blockbuster reviews on the industry because he did hard work in the movie. Mostly movie shoots are taken from small villages of Haryana. Fans also give blessings by messages to Salman about movie villa. He said he got more tweet on twitter from fans and they are excited to see my acting in movie.

Movie review shows positive effect of movie. Fans are happy with Khan new look. They are excited to see movie. It will be blockbuster movie in July according to review screen. For more information about movies keep touch with Bollywood screens & cinemas.


Babbu Maan Punjabi Singer

Who is Babbu Maan

Babbu Maan is the stage name of Tejinder Singh Maan. He is a singer, songwriter, film producer and actor of Punjabi Origin. Born in 19975, he has always been attracted to music, with his first “live” performance at the tender age of 7. This performance in front if his entire school cemented his desires to become a professional performer.

He learnt how to create his own verses while still at school, but only started singing and writing music once after his school career had ended.

Babbu Maan’s Music and Influence

Babbu Maan is renowned for being one of the few Punjabi artists who create, sing and perform their own unique songs. His music has been categorized as belonging to Bhangra Music, a musical style originating in Punjab and particularly popular with Sikhs. He is particularly noted for the polished writing that blends perfectly with traditional Punjabi sounds and rhythms.

His first album “Saijjan Rumal De Giya” was released in 1998, when he was 23, and since then he has released a further eight studio albums and six well-received compilations. In addition to his music, Bubba Maan has acted in and produced a variety of Punjabi films. He has been acknowledged for his contribution to both Bollywood and Regional soundtracks and for connecting to local and international people of Punjabi descent.

Recognized for his live poetry, energizing performances and distinctive lyrics, he was so unhappy with his first album that he re-mastered and re-recorded it . Once he felt the finished product was to his exacting standards, he released the album to critical acclaim. Since then Babbu Maan’s music has been extremely well received and his 2013 album – In Search of Souls, was such a huge commercial success that it was his first album to feature on the Billboard Top 200 charts. In Search of Souls also hit the top of the ITunes World Music charts in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

A listing of his Music and Video success is a clear indication of the popularity of Babbu Maan both in his native Punjab, and in the rest of the world:

• Music
o Sajjan Rumal De Geya – 1998
o Tu Meri Miss India – 1999
o Saaun Di Jhadi – 2001
o Ohi Chann Ohi Rataan – 2004
o Pyass: In Search of Destiny – 2005
o Mera Gham – 2007
o Singh Better than King – 2009
o Ta;aash: In Search of Souls – 2013
o Itihaas – 2015
• Film
o Khel – No Ordinary Game – 2003
o Hawayein – 2003
o Chalte Chalte – 2003
o Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean – 2006
o Waagah – 2007
o Kaafila – 2010
o Hashar: A Love Story – 2008
o Vaada Raha – 2009
… and many more

If you want to enjoy the latest Babbu Maan songs, or even listen to your favorite classics, a full collection can be searched and downloaded from badwap.

Babbu Maan is definitely a living legend for Punjabi and Bhangra music lovers and his music is sure to be listened to and enjoyed for many years to come.

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